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New Ford FLEX'S with available 7 passenger         518-479-9394
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Local and Long Distance...
                   ...just say where and when!
Value Van Taxi & Car Service, in addition to its 12(rented) & 8 Passenger Vans, also offers 7 passenger Ford Flex's for our customers continued Luxurious Comfort, Added Availability & Low-Cost Savings! 
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2-12 Passenger LOW-COST Comfort...Value Van Taxi
2-12 Passenger LOW-COST Comfort...Value Van Taxi
Resting before that long tripFull DVD and 7.1 Surround Sound to enhance longer trips...OVER 75 DVD choices!
No more Passenger Cramming...Party Bus

The cab should be here any minute. Do you have the keys?All New, Comfortable, Luxurious Ford Flex Taxi's (seats up to 7)...Car Service                                                                            
5 Passenger LOW- COST Comfort & Luxury...Car Service
Eenie, meenie, miney Mo'...Taxis in SaratogaThank you from group to Palace Theatre Jan.26,2013One of many Ford Flex's that will be added to our fleet.Easy Entry for ComfortSignage to look for...Saratoga TaxiModern Spacious Cabin...Van In Saratoga